Provodine® is a next-generation professional antiseptic that meets or exceeds FDA requirements for use as a Surgical Scrub, Pre-Operative Skin Preparation, Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash and First Aid Antiseptic.

Built on Microdermis’ patented Amidermal® technology platform, Provodine® has demonstrated class-leading effectiveness against a wide range of microbes. Its unique formula ensures that it remains present and active for at least 6 hours, while at the same time nourishing the skin and preventing the dryness and damage associated with other products.


“Taken together these in vitro data indicate that Provodine® is an effective antiseptic and gentle to the most sensitive parts of the body. These data correlate with the human clinical topical studies that Provodine® when used as directed is non-irritating and will not induce a topical immune response. I endorse Provodine® for use on the most sensitive parts of the body.”

Laurie B. Joseph, Ph.D.
Faculty: Rutgers University and New York Medical College
Member: Society of Toxicology
Adjunct Member: American Academy of Dermatology

US Army adopts and deploys Provodine® from Microdermis to fight Ebola
– see News Release, Dec. 1, 2014